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Skyline OSX is a site dedicated to hackintoshing, or running Mac OS X on regular pc hardware. If you're new to hackintoshing, check out intro to hackintoshing. When you're ready to begin, look at the installation guide.

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Hackintosh Bluetooth Adapters

Finding a compatible bluetooth adapter for your hackintosh can be rather complicated. This guide should help you select one. All these adapters support bluetooth 4.0 and should work in OSX Mountain Lion or above. USB Adapters USB bluetooth adapters are...

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A New Site

You may have noticed that SkylineOSX looks completely different. We are no longer using wordpress I have recoded the site entirely using Jekyll, a static site generator. Why the change? Wordpress is slow. It's a giant PHP application that I...

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Develop on OSX with Docker

What is Docker, and why use it on your Hackintosh/Mac? OSX is a great platform for software development. However, sometimes you need linux specific applications to run or at least to test your software. Traditionally, you would do this by...

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